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Frisco Texas February Snow Day #2015

Does it snow in Frisco Texas? It sure does. Perhaps once or twice per year. But it does snow! This time, it snowed 2 days after we had a Winter Ice storm that began with rain on Sunday (all day) and into Monday. Schools were closed for 2 days this … Read more >>

Should I Pay Off My Frisco Texas Home?

Almost everyone tells you about the tax benefits of Frisco Texas home ownership. I'd like to take the opportunity to share some information, that after you have digested it, and if you still believe in keeping the mortgage, I understand. To set … Read more >>

3:16 Big Hairy Audacious Goals

It's the time of the year to dream big and create dreams, right? Well, I'm no different than any other human beings. I have dreams and goals too. This time, instead of writing specific real estate information, I'd love to share with you my Big Hairy … Read more >>

Why Use a Good Real Estate Agent?

Why Use a Good Frisco TX Real Estate Agent? The short answer is - because a good real estate agent will provide more value in your transaction, than "cost" you. It is typical in a real estate transaction, fees are paid by the seller - even if … Read more >>

Frisco votes FOR 2 am

The official results are in.... Frisco voted FOR alcohol sales until 2am. Voting results show almost 60% of Frisco voted FOR it. At this time, the City ordinance allows alcohol sales until 12 midnight Sunday through Friday and until 1am on … Read more >>