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3:16 Big Hairy Audacious Goals

It's the time of the year to dream big and create dreams, right? Well, I'm no different than any other human beings. I have dreams and goals too. This time, instead of writing specific real estate information, I'd love to share with you my Big Hairy … Read more >>

Why Use a Good Real Estate Agent?

Why Use a Good Frisco TX Real Estate Agent? The short answer is - because a good real estate agent will provide more value in your transaction, than "cost" you. It is typical in a real estate transaction, fees are paid by the seller - even if … Read more >>

Frisco votes FOR 2 am

The official results are in.... Frisco voted FOR alcohol sales until 2am. Voting results show almost 60% of Frisco voted FOR it. At this time, the City ordinance allows alcohol sales until 12 midnight Sunday through Friday and until 1am on … Read more >>

Casey’s Pumpkin Patch in Frisco Texas

Casey’s Pumpkin Patch New Location This Year North West corner of SH 121 & Custer, Frisco Texas Support local business - Casey's Pumpkin Patch in the surrounding Frisco Texas area where patrons can purchase all types of pumpkins and use is … Read more >>